The Components of a Good Offer

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So what does it take to put together a good offer that will catch the eyes of the seller?  Well, it doesn’t take much and I believe there are three things that can make your offer sing.

The first is price.  Depending on the neighborhood, homes are selling anywhere from 93%-103% of the list price.  That means, what we do is a master market analysis for the buyer to make sure the price you’re offering will catch the attention of the seller.  Too low and you may just get flat out rejected and just about right, will likely get you a counter offer.

The second thing?  Are you pre approved.  Did you speak to a lender and did you talk to the person that can make the decision to lend you money.  That means, did you send them your paycheck stubs, bank statements and tax returns.  That’s important because without those you are just pre qualified and that’s a disaster.  You may find out later, you are not pre approved for what you thought.

Third, what are you asking for?  Are there closing costs in your offer?  Are you asking for repairs upfront, prior to the inspection?  These are the things that will turn off the seller.

Finally, write a little letter about yourself to the seller.  Tell them why you want to buy their home.  Your offer may not be the highest but sometimes those letters can do a word of good and get your offer accepted.


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