The five arguments you’ll get into on Moving Day!

The five arguments you’ll get into on Moving Day!

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The five arguments you’ll get into on Moving Day!

Buying a home is stressful enough.  Let’s say there is a long shot that you buy the perfect home–but let’s face it, the perfect home doesn’t exist–and let’s say you can move right away—there are still five things you’re going to fight about on moving day.

The first?  Well, you’re going to get HANGRY on moving day. That’s right, the first argument is going to be over food.  You’re going to get so absorbed in getting the movers on task and getting on the road to your new home, you’re going to forget about food.  Here’s a pro tip:  pack granola bars and snacks and have those available.  Second, before you move, check out the local restaurants in the area.  See if they deliver, if they do, make sure you have a time when you’re going to have food delivered and your meals picked out.  This will squish this argument quickly.

The second argument?  It’s the I gotta poo argument.  The who forgot the toilet paper argument.  Always remember to pack some toilet paper that’s handy.  Trust me you’re going to need it and the seller’s are never going to leave it.

The third argument is over the dirt.  You just moved into this home and if you’re lucky enough to have had it cleaned before moving then you’re already one step ahead everyone else..however all that cleanliness is going to get messy quickly.  Pro tip:  pack cleaning supplies where they can easily be reached.  In fact, put it with the toilet paper.

The fourth and fifth arguments are over packing.  How you should have started packing earlier and then unpacking is taking longer than it should.

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