San Diego Real Estate–Buyer Fatigue

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San Diego Real Estate–Buyer Fatigue

Buyer fatigue is a real thing. Find out how you can combat it. If you have questions about selling a home, buying a home or investing in real estate give me a call at 619-818-2992. CA BRE #01785713 CA BRE #01295699

San Diego Real Estate–Buyer Fatigue

Have you ever heard of buyer fatigue?  Well, if not, don’t worry, not many people have. It is however, a very real thing, especially in this “hot” housing market.   And if you’re in the San Diego housing market–you may be experiencing some buyer fatigue right now.

So what exactly is buyer fatigue.  It’s when buyers are so exhausted from being beat out of the home buying process–they either get frustrated and put their home buying process on hold — or they just get out of the market all together.

What causes buyers to just slow down in a hot market?  Well, first of all it’s the competition.  You see in a seller’s market, buyers are competing over and over again for properties that everyone else is trying to get as well.  The solution to that.  Hire a good agent who is knowledgable in the art of negotiation.  That’s right, hiring the right agent matters. I’m not saying that I myself am the end all when it comes to getting my clients properties.  We can’t all win.  However, the agent has a lot to do with it.  First, if they are good, they will develop a relationship with the listing agent to help get your offer to the top of the pile.  If the agent is good, they will also, work to speak to the seller directly–with the permission of the listing agent of course..

Second, being accommodating–believe it our not.  What that means is, asking and getting into relationship with the agent to find out the motivation of the seller, you see to create a win win deal, you have to know what motivates both of you to get the home.  It’s not all about the money, in some cases, it’s about what the seller needs to make happen to move on to the next phase of their life.  Are they selling the home for financial reasons, are they in escrow on a property?  These are things you need to know in order to help strategize with your agent to get the home you want.

If you’re looking to sell a home, buy a home or invest in real estate, give me a call at 619-818-2992.


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