San Diego Real Estate–Clearing the Bad Energy

San Diego Real Estate–Clearing the Bad Energy

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San Diego Real Estate–Clearing the Bad Energy

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Have you ever been attracted to someone when they walk into a room?  Not physically attracted but when they walk in you can actually feel the energy and presence that they bring.  Now ask yourself, have you ever been in a house that just felt weird?  Have you ever walked into a home and was told that it was haunted?  That’s energy.  In fact, if you know anything about physics, you know that everything is energy.

You see, when we buy homes or sell homes there is an energy in each and every home.  In some cases, there is bad energy or bad vibes.  In a lot of cases, there is good energy.  However, what if you have a house that isn’t selling– what does it mean to clear the energy and to make it a space that feels more relaxing.

I recently had a listing in University Heights in San Diego, CA.  Now, when you look at it on paper, and just focus on the numbers, this house is perfect.  It’s the lowest price per square foot, it was the largest two bedroom-two bath in the neighborhood, dual master suite and an upgraded kitchen.  Low HOA’s,  two secured parking spaces.  Get my drift?  It was perfect on paper.  So why wasn’t it selling?

The feed back we were getting was anything from the appliances to the power lines visible from the patio.  Now, we did have the appliances replaced–however–there was something.  What was that something that was causing the home to sit for longer than it should have.  The only answer… ENERGY!

To help me rid the home of the energy that was in the house, I hired Marie Vickers from Feung Sheui Modern.  Marie came into the home and helped clear out the energy.  So what are some simple steps when it comes to clearing your home?

First, and foremost, give your home a good deep cleaning.  Once your home has been cleaned and is fresh, change the mood by opening all the windows in your home. It’s incredible what fresh air in a home can do.  Third,  perhaps a prayer asking your higher power to help clear the energy from the home is the next thing you can do.  Light a sage stick.  Sage is a wonderful way to clear a home.  Now here’s the thing with sage.  It needs to get a good smoke going.  Carry a ceramic dish or a seashell to catch the embers.  The last thing you need is your home starting on fire.  Set an intention.  Ask to let go of things that do not serve you.  For example, say you were in a relationship that didn’t end well, or even a divorce.  There was a lot of negativity going on in that space and clearing out that energy is going to be very important.  Wave the sage stick clearing out the bad juju.

There are many things you can do to change the energy in your home and it’s important to remember that any negative event that takes place leaves lingering energy in the home.

If you have any questions about selling a home, buying a home or investing in real estate, give me a call at 619-818-2992.


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