Yes! Stage your home for sale.

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Yes!  Stage your home for sale.

Yes, you should stage your San Diego Home. Questions on Staging? Call Chris Spade at 619-818-2992.  Play the video to find out more.


I get asked all the time about staging.  Should I do it, or shouldn’t I do it?  The short answer is, yes, you absolutely need to stage your home.  The second question is, how much does it cost?   We’ll get to that in a minute.  Let’s focus on the benefits of staging.

First, the why?  Buyers, on average, are walking into anywhere from ten to twelve homes over the course of the buying process–before making the decision to write a contract.  They see home after home after home and suddenly they start blending together.  This is where staging comes in. Believe it or not, buyers will often say something to me like– “the house we want to write on, the one with the turquoise apples in the dish… yeah, that’s the one we want to write on.”  Now, truth be told, I’ve never seen a turquoise apple, but you get the idea.  Staging helps your home stand out from the competition and generally gets you more money for your home than properties that aren’t staged.

So what’s the process look like?  A good stager will come into your home, usually for a consulting fee, and make recommendations.  Generally those recommendations will be to change paint colors, or remove wall paper making some cosmetic fixes before the furniture goes in.  A stager will also look at your home and create this space that creates an emotion.  When a buyer buys, they are mostly buying based on emotion.  Early on in my career my mentor told me — logic makes people think–emotion makes them react.  Staging makes people react to your home.

So what’s the cost to stage a home?  Well, most stagers here in San Diego will charge a minimum of $2500 for about 1,000 square feet.  The prices go up from there.  A good stage will be the entire home. So if you’re living in a 5,000 square foot home–expect to pay a few bucks for staging.  The benefit?  Well, typically you walk away getting more for your home in a shorter amount of time.

If you have questions on staging your home call me at 619-818-2992.


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