Go Mobile! Search for homes on the GO!

Posted by on Aug 23, 2017 in Buying Homes, North Park, San Diego, Selling Homes

Go Mobile!  Search for homes on the GO!

Are you ready for it?  We are.  That’s why we designed a mobile app for you to search for homes on the go.  It’s quick, easy and effortless.  How do you get it you ask?  Well, that’s easy too.  Click here for the link to the app.

Now to the fun stuff.  What makes it so spiffy?  First and foremost, the app is in real time.  What’s that mean for you?  That means, you get alert notifications the minute a new home hits the market.  No more waiting for those automated emails from “the other guys.”  This is fresh, up to date, bright and works brilliantly.

The app allows you to do several things.  First, when you open it, it sends a GPS signal to where you are in the moment.  Then, it starts showing you properties from where you are standing.  The closest, obviously first, then it moves a little further out.  It works from anywhere.  Secondly, for more of an advanced search you are able to program the app to only show you homes that you’re looking for.  Viola!  It’s that simple.  Only those homes meeting your criteria will be shown to you.  See, easy peezy.

The biggest benefit, I think is the ability it has to show you every open house that you wish to see.  Say you’re out on a Sunday having coffee in the neighborhood you wish to visit–just pop the app open and hit the “open house feature. You’ll be directed to all the open houses available.  Click the home you want to see and then the directions feature and you’ll get a map right to the home.  No more roaming around to find open house signs that are hidden from all the cars parked on the street.  It’s that easy.

The other awesome thing?  Once you’ve done your driving around, hit the “call agent” button and you will be connected to me right away.  No more wondering or fumbling through your phone for my number.  It’s all right there…. in the palm of your hand.

If you have questions about buying a home, selling a home or investing in real estate, give me a call 619-818-2992.

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