Ego: It kills real estate transactions

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Ego:  It kills real estate transactions

Ego is the one thing that will kill every real estate transaction. Looking to sell a home, buy a home or invest in real estate, call Chris Spade at 619-818-2992.

Ego.  We all have one.  If we recognize it, we can see it stares us in the face.  It’s that ugly little monster.  It’s also the one thing that destroys real estate transactions.  Why?  Because real estate agents have huge egos.

My company operates is on the premise that every transaction needs to be a “win-win” or there is no deal.  I look at a real estate transaction as one big math problem that just needs to be solved.  So if every transaction should be a “win” for both sides and it’s really just one big math problem–then why do agents get their ego in the way?

I have my theory.  You see as agents, we want to have bragging rights.  We want to be number one.  We want to be able to tell our clients that we have sold “X” number of homes and we want to have the best picture on the slickest business card possible.  Many companies train their agents that in order to succeed in real estate, you have to fight.  I’ve actually followed threads on Facebook where people will say” “s0 and so will fight for you.”  What if we changed the way we looked at things and instead of making real estate about being adversaries, we looked it as an opportunity to grow and learn from each other?  You see, I believe the smartest real estate agents work together with their fellow agent.  They come up with a strategy to make the deal a win and they look forward to it being as smooth as possible.

My best advise?  When looking to pick your next agent to buy a home, sell a home or invest in real estate, ask them, will you fight for me? If they say they will, then run.  That’s a red flag that ego is going to get in the way.  Think of real estate as getting into relationship with someone.  Whether you like it or not, you’re going to have no choice but to compromise.

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