Online Resources for Anyone Moving to San Diego

Online Resources for Anyone Moving to San Diego

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Online Resources for Anyone Moving to San Diego
Finding your San Diego home and creating your wish list.

Finding your San Diego home and creating your wish list.

The Best Online Resources for Anyone Moving to San Diego

Planning a move to the San Diego area? If so, I’ve got some great resources that can not only help you read up on your new digs, but also may help you adjust to living in the area. San Diego was named in reference to the Spanish Catholic saint San Diego al Alcala, not the meaning referred to in “Anchorman” by Will Farrell’s character. If you don’t know what that was, all I have to say is that you’ll have to check out the film. San Diego is a beautiful mission city, with a diverse population, that you have to experience.

To give credit to this great city and area, I’m required by county law to mention the first online resource on my list. (I won’t really be punished, but thought I’d get your attention.)

Local Government and Statistics

  • The City of San Diego is an invaluable pack with lots of easy to read information, not just about the city government. It is also the place to go to find out new information regarding state ordinances and the statewide water restrictions that have been put in place.
  • is a reliable source to use to find out the current cost of living in our fair city. They have different calculators as well to figure out and compare cost of living, wages, and other relocation costs, from your city to your new home.

The City of San Diego City Beat

  • The school system in San Diego is served by the San Diego Unified School District, from here, you can visit individual schools, find out more about the district, and staff. This site is great for up to date information and pointing out the finer aspects of the award winning academic programs.
  • Public transportation is big in the city and encouraged not only for the community but also as a way to be environmentally conscious. The Metropolitan Transit System has both busses and trolley services throughout the county, providing 53 stations and 89 different routes.
  • The primary utility companies in the area provide superior service to all residents, San Diego Gas & Electric, the Water Department, and Waste Management sites have more information.
  • The San Diego Public Library System has numerous branches and offers a wide range of activities for all ages.

San Diego is for Foodies

San Diego has the best Mexican and Latin inspired restaurants in the United States. Foodies are really in heaven in San Diego, with its vast array of various cuisines and spectacular eateries. Some of the best are listed, but there are so many to delight the taste buds it would be impossible to list them all.

  • For authentic Mexican fare, Puesto is casual, but brings the colors and flavors to life on the plate. Miguel’s gives customers the feel of being at a five-star resort, with a delectable menu.
  • The Ocean Room is located downtown, and is a fresh sushi and oyster bar. Diners are treated to other seafood specialties as well.
  • If you crave Italian, de’Medici captures the essence of old world Italy on a plate. The ambiance of the restaurant can’t be beat.
  • Hexagon serves up classic and contemporary French cuisine. Hexagon’s menu is one of the largest of any French restaurant in San Diego, offering 20 appetizers and more than 20 entrees at reasonable prices.

I could be at this all day, but if you want a better idea of the restaurants in San Diego, get out and experience the tastes of the city,

San Diego Parks and Recreation

  • The Parks and Recreation Department of San Diego is a city service that has outlets everywhere. They oversee and manage 40,000 acres of developed and undeveloped open space, more than 340 parks including Balboa Park, Mission Trails Regional Park, and Mission Bay Park, over 26 miles of shoreline from Sunset Cliffs to La Jolla, 13 pools, 3 public golf complexes, and 56 recreation centers. Their vision, “We Enrich Lives Through Quality Parks and Programs”, is a testament to their commitment.
  • There are three major golf communities within our city as well, Torrey Pines Golf Course,Balboa Park, and Mission Bay.
  • If you want to know what’s happening around town and what activities or events are coming,, is the place to go. They always have the best information on all public events. San Diego is a city steeped in the heart of cultural and artistic activities. Art shows, theatre, concerts, and festivals, are a constant here.

The San Diego History Center

San Diego has a rich, beautiful history that enriches our lives daily. Developed as a Catholic Mission, San Diego continues to thrive as the eighth largest city in the United States. The San Diego History Center, continues to educate and preserve that history. Memorabilia, activities, and classes help spread the word to new generations.

The San Diego Farm Bureau and Farmer’s Markets

For fresh produce, homemade specialty items, and crafts, several farmers’ markets are easily accessible throughout the area. One of the best places is The San Diego Farm Bureau was established in 1913 and still serves the needs of the agriculture community and residents. They hold regular events and classes to teach farming and gardening techniques, food preservation, and other interesting subjects.

I love living in San Diego and hope that these online resources will help acquaint you with the community and its people. As a real estate professional, I can assist you by providing you with other information and in finding a place to live.

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