66 Questions for your REALTOR

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Buying a house is no easy task.  I should know, I work with buyers and sellers everyday.  That’s why I’ve compiled a list of 66 questions you should ask your REALTOR.  They are in no particular order.  I just jotted them down as I went.

  1. How long have you been in the business?
  2. Do you take continuing education?
  3. Do you have a mentor or business coach?
  4. On average, how many homes do you sell a year?
  5. How long do you spend lead generating for buyers for my home?
  6. How long do you send lead generating for homes for me to buy?
  7. Do you reverse prospect?
  8. Do you have a preferred lender you work with?
  9. How long does it typically take for you to return my phone calls?
  10. How long does it take for you to return other agent’s phone calls?
  11. Do you belong to any networking groups that can help you get my home sold?
  12. Do you have a marketing plan?
  13. What’s your social media strategy when it comes to selling my home?
  14. Do you network with other agents and brokers?
  15. Tell me what you do different from other agents.
  16. Is this your full-time job or do you have another job and just use real estate to supplement your income?
  17. Do you work on a team or do you work independently?
  18. Do you offer extra protection after our escrow closes?
  19. What do you do to bullet-proof the transaction to make sure nothing falls apart?
  20. Do you hire a professional photographer to take pictures of my home?
  21. What’s one thing that sets you apart from other agents?
  22. How many sales have you handled in my neighborhood I want to move into?
  23. Has a client ever filed a complaint against you?
  24. Have you ever been sued?
  25. What services do you offer beyond negotiating my deal and working with escrow?
  26. How many foreclosures have you handled?
  27. How many short sales have you handled?
  28. Who else will be working with me?
  29. Will you show me all properties for sale?
  30. When am I committed to working with you?
  31. Do you represent buyers and sellers on the same house?
  32. Can I get references from your past clients?
  33. What if I’m unhappy with your service.
  34. Do I have to sign a buyer representation agreement with you? Why would I want to sign it?
  35. Have you ever fired a client?
  36. How are you paid?  How do REALTOR fees work?
  37. Will you hold an open house on my home?  How often?
  38. Will you list my home at the price I want to sell? If not, why?
  39. Will you write my offer with the price I want to buy?
  40. How long must I list my house with you?
  41. Do you work with stagers? Will you stage my home?
  42. Do you have a cleaning company that will spiff my place up?
  43. Are you familiar with different loan programs?  VA? FHA? Conventional Financing?
  44. Have you ever worked with a hard money lender?
  45. What’s your sell vs listing price ratio?
  46. Would you be offended if I interviewed your competition?
  47. What’s your availability?
  48. Do you have a home inspector that you work with?
  49. What are the most common things that go wrong in a transaction and how would you handle them?
  50. Do you currently have any buyers who you think might want to buy my home?
  51. Will you help me do a For Sale By Owner?
  52. Are you versed in current market trends and technology?
  53. Will you review and explain the paperwork I will need to sign?
  54. Why are you personally motivated to sell my house?
  55. Do you follow up on all showings and will you report the feedback to me?
  56. What are some of the unique ways you find homes for me to buy?
  57. If you go on vacation, who will I be speaking to?
  58. I’m getting advice from my family members, is that OK?
  59. How much effort do you put into an open house?
  60. If I wanted to, could I meet your broker?
  61. Will you be putting a lock box on my house or will you be showing it personally?
  62. Will you have flyers?
  63. Will you put a for sale sign in the yard?
  64. Will you put my home on Broker Caravan?
  65. Do I still owe you a commission if I find the buyer for my home?
  66. Why do I have you if I have the internet?


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